Nursery’s Christmas Party

The children have had lots of fun today at their Christmas Party! Have a look at some of the exciting things Nursery have been doing.

They began the afternoon, dancing to their favourite songs and playing musical statues. Nursery are very good at ‘freezing’, when the music stops.

Shortly after, the children heard lots of unusual noises coming from above our classroom! Harrison correctly suggested that it could be Santa coming to visit. Father Christmas told them all about his magic keys, he even had one for Buckingham Palace!

After all that dancing, there was no better way for Nursery to finish their party with some tasty party snacks. The children tucked into crisps, chocolate fingers and cakes.

Christmas Preparations

WOW! Nursery have been so busy recently, getting ready for Christmas. Have a look below at some of the things we have been up to.

The children have been making some beautiful things (Christmas cards and new year calendars) for their families. They cannot wait to bring them home for you to see!

Last Monday, the children arrived to school surprised to see a Christmas tree in the classroom! Unfortunately, it looked very boring and needed lots of colourful decorations to brighten it up. The children helped to decorate the tree with amazing decorations of their own.

On Tuesday, Nursery and Reception put on an amazing Nativity performance for their families. The children have been practising so hard to learn all the words to their songs and the moves to their dances. Thank you again to all parents for providing such beautiful costumes, for the children.

Nursery have even begun preparing decorations for next topic РIce Worlds!! These will be used to decorate the classroom when the children return to school after the Christmas holidays.