What Could It Be?…

This morning, when the children arrived to school they were surprised to see some unusual objects placed around the classroom. The children worked together looking, around the classroom, for clues that had been left.

The children worked together looking, around the classroom, for clues that had been left.

Having collected all of the unusual objects, the children took all the clues to Miss Underwood and discussed who exactly could have left these things. Catherine correctly suggested that it could be ‘The Snowman’!

Busy, busy, busy!

What a jam-packed week Nursery have had this week…

Over the week, Nursery have been learning lots about number three. The children have been investigating how to represent ‘three’, in lots of different, using the resources provided. The children also enjoyed a number hunt, around school, looking for 3, shown in different ways.

On Tuesday, Nursery met with their partnership class in the sports hall. Year 3 have been learning how to improve their throwing and catching skills. They decided it would be useful to teach Nursery how to throw and catch effectively. They practised rolling, overarm and underarm throw. Both classes had lots of fun during the session. Miss Underwood would like to say a huge thank you to Year 3 for their help with teaching the children!

On Wednesday the Hobgoblin Theatre Group came into school to perform the ‘Snow Queen’. The play was about two best friends, Gerda and Kai. Kai’s heart suddenly becomes infected by a silver of a Troll’s magic mirror! Gerda then has to go on an adventure to save him from the ‘Snow Queen’. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Ice Worlds!

The children in Nursery have arrived back, from their Christmas holidays, to find that their environment had been decorated with snowballs, snowflakes and other wintery items. The children have been predicting who may have transformed their classroom – they are awaiting further clues, before deciding who could have done this.

As part of the ‘Ice Worlds’ topic, the children have created lots of beautiful artwork. They began the week by painting snowmen. Then, using a variety of resources, the children decorated their snowmen thinking carefully about a snowman’s features.

Look at Nursery’s beautiful Winter display!

 Below are more examples of Nursery’s artwork created this week. These pieces were created using oil pastels and watercolours. Firstly, the children had to draw their snowflakes using an oil pastel. Then, using the watercolours their snowflake appeared through. They thought about the perfect ‘cold’ colours to use when painting.

Nursery have been working scientifically discussing the process of ‘melting’. The children were quick to suggest that the ice blocks were changing state (from ice to water) because their hands were warming the blocks up.

The children have even enjoyed a snowball fight in the classroom!