Sun, Snow and Ice Skating!

What a wonderful day the children have had today. As a way of marking the middle of our whole school ‘Ice Worlds’ topic, Nursery were given the opportunity to go ice skating on the playground. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed skating on the ice, in the sunshine, as ‘snow’ fell around them!

Have a look below, to see how the children got on…

Woodland Adventures

What a lovely morning Nursery have had exploring the woodland area.

As part of the whole school ‘Ice Worlds’ topic, Nursery have been reading lots of wintery texts. This morning Nursery listened to ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson.

Using natural materials they found in the woods, Nursery each created their very own Stick Man. They collected twigs, leaves and stones to make different the different parts of the Stick Man.

The children spent the rest of their time in the woods having lots of fun climbing trees, balancing along logs and making ‘soup’ in the mud kitchen.

Happy Chinese New Year!

This week, Nursery have been learning all about the festival of ‘Chinese New Year’.

They began the week, by meeting with their partnership class to create traditional Chinese lanterns. Nursery, with the help of their buddies from Year 3, decorated their lanterns using glitter, sequins and ribbons.

During our partnership time, the children tried some Chinese snacks. The children enjoyed tasting ‘Pandan Cake’, ‘Shrimp Crackers’ and ‘Strawberry Mochi’. It was so surprising to see that the Pandan Cake was actually green inside!

Ella – “I liked the shrimp crisps, they were crunchy.”

Rohan – “My favourite was the cake, it was very sweet!”

Catherine – “The pink sweets were yummy, it tastes like strawberry.”

In the classroom, the role play area has been transformed into a ‘Chinese Restaurant’. The children have been pretending to prepare and serve Chinese food, eat using chopsticks and write wishes to place inside lucky red envelopes – a Chinese tradition.

As a special treat, Timmy and his family kindly brought in some Prawn Crackers for us to try at school. The children were very thankful to Timmy and thoroughly enjoyed tasting them.