Spring has Sprung!

When the children arrived to school on Tuesday morning, they were surprised to see something special had arrived! After taking a closer look, it was clear to see our visitors were caterpillars. They have been learning lots about the life cycle of caterpillars and how they develop into butterflies. Over the next few weeks, Nursery will be watching them grow and develop.

From our recent woodland trips, the children have shown an interest in plants and flowers. Over the last week, they have been planting pansies in bottle gardens. They added soil to the bottom of the bottle, positioned their plant and then gave it a good water. The plants are now, in the sunlight, on the window ledge. Through this process, the children learnt what a plant needs to help it grow!

Sporting Activities and Lots of Red Noses…

‘Be the Best You Can Be’

On Tuesday morning, Nursery met with their buddy class to take part in their ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ challenges, set by Miss Rea.

All of Nursery worked well with their Year 3 Buddy Class to complete a variety of sporting challenges. They all had a minute to throw and catch a bean bag as many times as possible, jump as high as they could and then complete as many lengths of the hall in a shuttle run.

Each month, the children will complete these challenges, improving there scores each time. Once again, all of the children had a wonderful morning with Year 3.

Comic Relief

Today, the children have been helping to raise money for Comic Relief. They all came to school dressed in either something red or fancy dress costumes. Throughout the day there were lots of activities available for children to participate in – face painting and the ‘danceathon’ was very popular in Nursery!

Nursery also decorated their own Red Nose biscuits, using red icing and sweet treats. They were very yummy!

Walk into the Woodlands…

Todays’ bitter weather has not stopped Nursery exploring and learning in the woodland area this morning!

The children arrived at the woodlands and were split into teams. Working together, Nursery searched around to find the correct amount of natural materials as part of their scavenger hunt.

Each team were given a number of cards with comments specifying the number of objects they need to find. Firstly, they needed to correctly recognise the numeral on their card and then find that number of objects by accurately counting them out.

Through this activity the children developed their mathematical skills, as well as the skills needed to work effectively as a team. Have a look below at some the objects the children were required to find.

After working so hard, it only seemed right to allow the children free time to explore the woods!! These are some of the activities Nursery have enjoyed completing:

Balancing, climbing and jumping from trees…

Searching for bugs and creatures…

Mixing potions in the mud kitchen…

World Book Day!

Nursery have had a fabulous day toady, sharing their love for reading and books. The children all came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. Some of the characters in Nursery included, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Rabbit and Matilda!

The morning started with the children all sharing their favourite stories, brought from home, with the older children from Y3. The children listened intently as their friends read stories. The children were keen to discuss who they had come dressed as.

Mrs Cook had very kindly arranged for Sarah Griffiths, a local children’s author, to come into school for a very special World Book Day assembly. Sarah brought her story, ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ alive by inviting children to help act parts out using props. Sarah also spoke to the children about how they can follow their interests in becoming a future author.

During the assembly, some children in Key Stage One were presented with Book Worm Certificates. Each week, the teachers will nominate children to receive a certificate to celebrate children who love to read. Nursery’s bookworms this week were Timmy and Maxwell, who have both done lots of extra reading at home, with their families. The Nursery staff are so proud of you both. Who will be Nursery’s bookworm next week?

Throughout the day, children were given time to discuss, with their friends, who they had come dressed as. They children spoke about why it’s their favourite character, with many of them recalling parts of their favourite story too.

Thank you again to all parents for providing their children with the most beautiful costumes, for us to celebrate World Book Day together!

Pancake Day!

Over the last two days, the children in Nursery have been making pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

The children accurately measured their ingredients using electronic scales before mixing it all together in a bowl, ready to then be fried.

The children tasted a variety of toppings on their pancakes, some sweet and some sour. The toppings included: maple syrup, lemon and sugar, ice cream and chocolate buttons and marshmellows. Nursery’s pancakes were delicious!

Aside to our baking, children have also enjoyed becoming immersed in other pancake activities. On arrival to Nursery, the children noticed that the role play area had changed into the ‘Pancake Cafe’. The children have enjoyed taking orders in the cafĂ© and pretending to flip pancakes!

We have also been reading, Jan Fearnley’s story – ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’. Mr Wolf fancies some tasty pancakes but he doesn’t know how to make them. He calls on his neighbours, to help him make his pancakes, however they all rudely refuse and Mr Wolf has to persevere and do it ‘all by himself’!

Following this story being read, the children were extremely excited to make a wolf mask, using a variety of materials. They all thought carefully about the parts of Mr Wolf’s face they need to include and the colours that would be appropriate to use.