Butterfly Surprise!

This morning, when the children arrived at Nursery, they were surprised to see that over the Easter Holidays our class caterpillars had emerged from their cocoons into butterflies.

Prior to the Easter holidays, Nursery had been learning lots about the life cycle of a caterpillar and were eagerly anticipating the arrival of their butterflies. The children enjoyed listening to ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and really understanding the story because of their new knowledge.

Before releasing the butterflies into the environment, the children were able to look closely at the remains from the cocoons. As the children touched the cocoons it made a crunching noise, they described it as being “soft”.

As we let the butterflies go, they settled on the children’s clothes. Some of the children even managed to hold the butterflies in their hands.

Easter Celebrations!

What a fabulous few weeks Nursery have had preparing for and celebrating Easter! We began our preparations last week making Easter nest cakes. First the chocolate needed to be melted. Through this process, the children learnt about how chocolate changes it’s state from solid to liquid, by being heated. The children then mixed shreddies into the melted chocolate to give a ‘nest’ look. Using their counting knowledge, the children counted out three mini eggs to decorate.

Yesterday the children took part in the famous Rushall challenge – ‘The Egg Roll’. Using a ten pence piece, the children accurately rolled their coin towards an Easter egg. The game was very close, but Kian was the Nursery winner! Well done Kian!

As part of the whole school celebrations, Nursery attended a special Easter assembly held by Reverend Such. The children all wore their beautifully decorated bonnets. During the assembly, Albi and Catherine were presented with their Easter eggs for winning the best decorated bonnets! Thank you again to all parents for such creative designs!

Following weeks of practise, along with the rest of school, the children performed their Easter songs, ‘Spring Chicken’, ‘I Love the Flowers’ and ‘Sing Hosannah’.

On return to the classroom, the children all tucked into Easter treats from their teacher, for all of their hard work over the last term!! We hope all of the children have a lovely Easter holiday, with their families.