Ready, set, GO!

The staff in Nursery are immensely proud of the children’s participation, during the Early Years Sports Day, this morning. It was a fantastic and memorable event.

The children each competed in four races, these were:

  • Running race
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Sack race
  • Novelty race

For the Novelty race, children wore cone hats decorated like teepees, collected beanbags, before sprinting to the finishing line.

All of the children cheered for their classmates and put 100% into all their races.

American Indian Visitors

This morning the children had a wonderful visit from some real life American Indians. They came to visit Early Years to mark the start of our new whole school curriculum topic – ‘Americas’. Our special visitors came to tell us lots of interesting facts about the way they live and how it differs to our lives. The children all spoke about how much they enjoyed their ‘Stunning Start’ activities and are now excited to become fully immersed in the new topic.

Alan brought lots of amazing artefacts for the children to handle and explore. Some of the artefacts included traditional moccasins. We learnt that these shoes are made from animal skin, sewn together and decorated with beads and animal fur. The patterns, made out of beads, differed depending on which tribe they belonged to.

The children all participated in a traditional Native American dance, that is over 500 years old. The dance was called the ‘Snake Dance’. It’s name comes from the way the children joined together in a line and coiled around in circles – imitating the movement of a snake. Nursery learnt and performed simplified steps of the original Rain dance, stepping forward, backwards, behind and then in front.  

The session concluded with a traditional game of ‘Fire Sticks’. This game required children to move in a variety of ways, to ensure they do not make any noise, before taking Daniella’s fire sticks. Oliver and Albi were very good at this game and managed to steal a fire stick each.