Nursery’s Visit to Ash End Farm

Today, Nursery (along with Reception) have been on their very first school trip to Ash End Farm. Despite the weather, the children and staff have all had a fun-filled day, learning lots about life on the farm, with opportunities throughout for lots of hands on experiences.

They began the morning by taking a ride on a tractor around the farm. The children had to hold on tight, as it was very bumpy. Can you guess what the children spotted along the way?… Sneaky scarecrows! Each time Nursery found a scarecrow hiding, they had to shout ‘SCARECROW!’

Following the tractor ride, the children were guided around the farm to explore. Here they saw a variety of animals, including pigs, horses, goats and chicks.

The farm tour guide, Daisy, was very informative and told the children lots of interesting facts, particularly about the special names for the animals and their young. We learnt that Mommy goats are actually called ‘Nanny goats’, Daddy goats are called ‘Billy Goats’ and their young are called ‘Kids’.

As a part of our tour around the farm, the children were able to handle and feed some of their animals. The goats were very greedy and were also fed dessert – porridge oats!

Before heading home, the children each collected their very own free range egg.

Marvellous Mathematicians

Over the last few days, the children in Nursery have been deepening their understanding of ‘5’ and the parts it is made up of.

The children have been using stem sentences to describe the combining of the parts that make 5, for example:

  • One and Four together make Five
  • Two and Three together make Five

Nursery were able to confidently represent these stem sentences using mathematical equipment.

Further to this, using ‘part, part, whole models’, the children partitioned 5 into its parts. Showing how they had mastered this concept, the children explained what would happen when its parts are combined again.