Marvellous Middle Week!

What a busy week Nursery have had this week! The children have completed lots of wartime activities, remembering the soldiers that fought during the First and Second World Wars.

The children have spent most of their time with their friends in Year 3 (Nursery’s buddy class). Together the children have learnt two remembrance songs – ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’, baked a typical wartime pudding and made decorations to display at the tea-dance.

Both classes were on board, creating lots of beautiful decorations to display around the school hall, ready for the whole school tea-dance. Using lots of different materials, the children made poppies and Union flags.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr Owen kindly offered to teach the children how to play games from the past. Nursery enjoyed playing marbles, jacks and even watched a game of conkers. 

Around making our decorations and playing wartime games, Nursery joined Year 3 to bake a Traditional Bread Pudding! Both classes helped to accurately measure out the ingredients before mixing it all together. Our finished product was placed on the ‘Bake Off’ table ready for our important judges to taste. Our bake was rated on taste, aesthetics, authenticity and originality. 

To conclude the ‘Marvellous Middle’ week, children arrived to school in either red, white and blue clothing or war time style clothing. Dressed appropriately, Nursery went to a special assembly where staff and other pupils spoke about the importance of Remembrance Day and family members who had fought in the war. Nursery and Year 3 beautifully performed their partnership song, ‘You Are My Sunshine’, for the rest of school.

Following the special assembly, Nursery celebrated the end of the war by taking part in the whole school tea dance. They shared cakes and flapjacks before having free time to dance along to wartime songs.

Nursery have really enjoyed spending lots of their time completing a variety of activities with year 3!

Halloween Spooktacular!

Look at our amazing costumes!

Nursery have had a fun-filled day celebrating Halloween! They arrived to Nursery, in their spooky Halloween costumes.

The children spent the day completing a variety of Halloween activities in Nursery, Reception and outdoors. Have a look below at some of the exciting things Nursery have been busy doing…

Nursery even had time to do some spooky dancing to the ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Ghostbusters’.

During the afternoon, Nursery shared Halloween treats with Reception. Albi kindly brought Halloween cakes, that he had baked at home, for the children to try! They were very yummy!!

Planting Trees for the Queen

Back in April, the ‘Queens Green Planet’ was launched and Miss Underwood applied to receive 5 limited tree saplings from the Queen, as part of her majesty’s plant-a-tree campaign. Last Friday, Miss Underwood surprisingly received her parcel from the Queen!! Inside were 5 tree saplings ready to be planted, two Silver Birch, two Rowan and a Haze.

Miss Underwood’s parcel from the Queen!

Nursery helped to plant the two Silver Birch saplings, in the ‘Rushall Retreat’. Children were keen to use the forks and trowels to make spaces for the tree saplings.

The trees needed to be at least one metre away from each other. Nursery discussed why it was important for the trees to have enough room to grow. The children used a metre stick to ensure they were accurate in the distance they were away from each other.

After all the children’s hard work they were given lots of free time to explore the outdoor areas.

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Enjoying their time in the Retreat!

Singing Superstars!

The staff in Nursery are extremely proud of how beautifully the children sang their Harvest song – ‘Mr Scarecrow’. Over the last few weeks, Nursery have been practising, with Reception, ready for their first Rushall performance.

To celebrate the success of our Harvest performance, Nursery met with their buddy class, Year 3, to share Harvest bread. It was very yummy! During this time, the children got to know their new friends and shared their favourite stories.

Baking Bread for Harvest!

Over the last two days, Nursery have been baking their own rolls ready for our Harvest celebrations next week.

The children began by measuring out their ingredients before adding it to the mixing bowl. The children in turn helped to mix the ingredients together – we knew it was ready when it looked like play-doh.

The dough was left to prove in the classroom, the children watched as the dough ‘grew’! Once risen, the children rolled their dough into balls, before being placed into the oven. Their rolls came out golden and smelling delicious!  


Today’s the day, the Teddy Bears have their picnic!

The children and staff have had a lovely morning in the Woodland area for the Nursery Teddy Bears picnic. We began our first session down in the Woods, exploring the new environment and learning the Woodland rules.

To begin our ‘I Remember’ topic, the children were all invited to bring their special teddies from home, to join our class picnic. Even Travelling Ted came to the picnic! Travelling Ted is the Nursery class bear, he enjoys staying with the children in their homes.

The children were then given free time to explore the Woodland area with their Teddy Bears. They enjoyed spending their time searching for bugs, climbing trees and balancing over logs.

Following their free time, the children were called back to ‘Basecamp’ to enjoy some tasty snacks. They each tucked into biscuits, cakes and crisps.

Autumn Artwork

This week in Nursery, we have been learning lots about ‘Autumn’. The children have been exploring the environmental changes in the outdoors. They noticed that the leaves on the trees, have changed to a variety of different colours – red, yellow, orange and brown. 

The children used their new knowledge, to create some beautiful artwork. They each thought carefully about the colours they would need for their paintings.

Have a look below, at some of our amazing paintings!

Settling in at Nursery

The staff are extremely proud of all the children in Nursery and how they have settled in so well!

They have been very busy making new friends and having lots of fun


The children are already learning our Nursery routine. Look at how helpful the children are being at Snack Time, as part of their ‘Special Helper’ role!